Recording Program

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc. is pleased to announce the recipients of the Recording Program grants for the 2023 round. 18 awards totaling $104,000 were made for recording projects. 

The Fund received 149 preliminary applications. An independent panel reviewed these applications, inviting 59 applicants to the final round. The panel then reviewed the submitted full applications, discussed their relative merits, and made grantee determinations. 

A complete list of grantees is available on the Fund's web site here

In keeping with his lifelong devotion to the music of America, Aaron Copland created the Fund and bequeathed to it a large part of his estate. The Fund’s purpose is to encourage and improve public knowledge of contemporary American music. In addition to the Recording Program, the Fund has established a Performance Program for performing organizations and presenters, and a Supplemental Program for service organizations and other non-profit institutions. 

The next deadline for applications to the Recording Program will be November 15, 2023. Interested applicants must first apply to the Recording Program Preliminary Round to be considered. Applicants with the most competitive preliminary proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal, which will be due February 15, 2024.